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Teh Head and other crashy things. Meh.  
08:18pm 02/11/2008
So, I am almost done with my head, I will of course post pics when it is shaved. I started furring it this last week just before Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween, Lykanthrope and I had a great time although short at Soki's party. We hit a deer at a buck five on I-90 on the way there. In my Audi. In the fog. At 105 MPH. In the dark. Dammit. *sigh*.

On a good note, there was surprisingly little damage to the car although I now need a new headlight, fender, mirror, and door glass. And a clutch cylinder.


Yeah, it decided to go out on me today, so I had to drive the god damn fucking thing home with out the ability to release the clutch. *sigh* I pulled the camper off the truck so I can drive it to work and Howloween, etc. This has been a bad weekend for the Audi, but so what, it could have been worse, and someone I care about feels pretty damn bad about the clutch, though it was not his fault (he was driving when it went out). Or someone could have been hurt, that would upset me, so I have learned to not get upset about stuff like this, I am just happy that everyone is OK!

Back to work.
mood: amusedamused
music: Sade - No Ordinary Love
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05:46am 03/11/2008 (UTC)
OMFG, a deer killed the Audi? and what were you doing going 105?????????
look just because you got the extremely cool car it doesn't mean you can... well i guess it does. but I'm glad you guys are ok, but how about the pants? Are they ok too or are they messed up as well? ;p
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08:40pm 03/11/2008 (UTC)
lykanthrope: armored hare
It's why I wear dark color pants... No, just kidding.

Everything happens to be okay for the most part. Still sucks though.
picword: armored hare
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02:28am 04/11/2008 (UTC)
*sigh* Yes, mom. Actuallt the deer did very little to the car. The clutch issue is something else entirely. Pants are OK, but I am glad the seats in the car are not cloth. =)
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