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Bellfurs Masquerade this weekend!  
06:24pm 13/12/2009
So here is the poop.

There will be a formal masquerade taking the place of the standard furmeet this weekend, so dress the part! There will be a mask building party downstairs if you don't have your own, we encourage you to join in. See Washingtonfurs or bellfurs.org for more 411 to be posted soon.
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Back to work...  
05:22pm 12/10/2009
So they have been laying off lots of people at work for the last few months, somehow I still remain. I have been keeping options open, so wish me luck there. Also what prompted me to write this is that my boss had a mild heart attack today at work. I saw him get rushed off to Overlake Medical Center. I heard he is doing fine but still undergoing testing, Hope he is OK!

Stressful times for many, I know.

I hope to see some of you at the next furmeet. They have been a lot more mellow and fun lately, which is more my flavor anyways. So I think I'll be manning the grill then doing some fursuiting at some point. I hope to see you here on Saturday!

Be well,

location: The Wolf Den
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Teh Head and other crashy things. Meh.  
08:18pm 02/11/2008
So, I am almost done with my head, I will of course post pics when it is shaved. I started furring it this last week just before Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween, Lykanthrope and I had a great time although short at Soki's party. We hit a deer at a buck five on I-90 on the way there. In my Audi. In the fog. At 105 MPH. In the dark. Dammit. *sigh*.

On a good note, there was surprisingly little damage to the car although I now need a new headlight, fender, mirror, and door glass. And a clutch cylinder.


Yeah, it decided to go out on me today, so I had to drive the god damn fucking thing home with out the ability to release the clutch. *sigh* I pulled the camper off the truck so I can drive it to work and Howloween, etc. This has been a bad weekend for the Audi, but so what, it could have been worse, and someone I care about feels pretty damn bad about the clutch, though it was not his fault (he was driving when it went out). Or someone could have been hurt, that would upset me, so I have learned to not get upset about stuff like this, I am just happy that everyone is OK!

Back to work.
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music: Sade - No Ordinary Love
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(no subject)  
10:41pm 11/04/2008
A little more progress on my suit. The body is done and the tail simply goes through a hole in the back, it is not attached in any way to the suit. The head comes next, just need to get off my tail and order some parts.

location: The Den
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music: Nickel Creek - The Fox
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Got a little more done today  
07:31pm 19/03/2008
Well, the bodysuit is almost done. Everything is basted together and is almost ready for a final run in the machine. All I really need to do with it is add a neck and trim length off the ams and legs. Then I still need to get the head, and paws done, sigh. Almost there. My goal is to wear it at RainFurrest.
location: The wolf den
mood: anxiousanxious
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(no subject)  
09:06pm 10/03/2008
I finished adjusting the pattern(what a pain in the ass) and took it apart. All of the fur is cut out for the body suit and the two colors have been basted together. I have received some samples of mesh I plan on using to construct the head using Tioh's aka Markus Nowak's ideas. He and Furvan(forgive me if I forget others) hosted a great advanced fursuit panel at FC 2008 so I got to see how those crazy Germans engineer suits!


location: Home
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: RATM hey, it's good sewing music!
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(no subject)  
05:49pm 02/03/2008
I have hung up the dummy to make pinning the pattern down and taking in seams easier. I am almost ready to do a real test fit, then do the arms.

Stubby, my 9 year old rottie says hi.

mood: pensivepensive
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Fursuit progress  
09:04pm 29/02/2008
Here is what I am doing. It is a fursuit, kind of like a mascot costume done up as a black fox.

After a trip to Further Confusion as well as a few other fur cons, I decided to spend the built up inspiration to build my own fursuit! So far I have collected the tools I will need (mostly, I think) and finished the tail and duct tape dummy of myself so I can easily tailor the body suit to myself. Here are some photos of tools and progress, etc. More to come very soon!

The new Husky E20 Sewing machine waiting to being lubed and tested.

Tons of fur I found at Hancock Fabrics and some other place.

Here is myself trying on the tail. Sexy, yesno?

This is how I attached the tail to the back support belt. It is a bit heavy overall, but I barley notice. Most people tend to use a belt loop to mount the tail, but I choose this so I could place the base of the tail a bit higher up my back. This allows the thick part of the tail to bounce off my butt so it does not get caught up in my legs as I walk.

Behold: Marfy, the duct tape dummy wearing my tail.
mood: drunkdrunk
music: Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Origional
tags: furry, fursuit
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